This program is designed for professional advertiser who wish to spend more than 2000 USD for link developing monthly and with this service we provide you with the highest affect Search Engine Optimization on your target url with your prefered keyword.
the url's that links to you is related to your target url to give you more affect by this service we give you

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In this service that desigend for normal advertiser with a monthly budget less than 2000 USD. its a pay as you go servce that you will provided by good links that choosed from 2,000,000 different urls which is more related to your website to have better serp result by our experience .
you can choose which keywords do you want the advertiser url links to you with.
our services are billed monthly so you won't worry about dropping Page Ranks .all pages that we give you link on got valid pr that never drops suddenly and we send them to you right after our publisher added your link to their site and after that you will have 24 to request a full refund.
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